Aero Precision .308 Upper Parts Kit – Dust Cover and Forward Assist



Simple & Functional Complete Upper Parts Kit For AR-10 Rifles

The AR-10 platform can be tricky, and if you’re going for a new Aero Precision build, don’t gamble your money on anything but an Aero Precision Upper Parts kit.  This upper parts kit is simple and functional and offers high-quality, precision-machined components that will serve a lifetime.

Getting all components from a reputable, quality manufacturer like Aero Precision is smart. You will save time, and time is money.

This kit includes all the parts you need to assemble your M5 (.308) Upper Receiver, including an Ejection Port Cover and a Forward Assist.


  • Forward Assist Assembly
  • Forward Assist Spring
  • Forward Assist Threaded Roll Pin
  • Ejection Port Cover Door
  • Ejection Port Cover Rod
  • Ejection Port Cover Spring


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