Beretta Pico Inox 380

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Item #: JMP8D25
Manufacturer: Beretta
Model #: Pico
Type: Pistol: Semi-Auto
Finish: Inox Slide, Black Polymer Frame
Stock: Black Polymer
Sights: FT: Ramp RR: Fixed Dovetail
Barrel Length: 2.7″
Overall Length: 5.1″
Weight: 11.5 oz
Caliber: 380
Capacity: 6+1
Action: Double Action Only
Receiver: Black Polymer

Features: Overall Width .725″
Overall Height 4.0″



Beretta Pico 380 Acp Inox Grey Frame NIB

Manufacturer: Beretta

Model: Pico

Condition: New In Box

Caliber/Gauge: 380 ACP

Barrel Length: 2.7″

Detailed Description:

The Beretta Pico is a unique, modular firearm that allows one to add aftermarket replacement frames in various colors. Truly sized to be a “pocket pistol”, the Pico packs six rounds of .380 ACP punch into a package weighing less than 12 ounces and just over 5″ long. Super thin and easy to conceal, the Pico is a great choice when you need deep concealment or a backup gun. Buy Beretta Pico Inox .380 online.

Beretta Pico Inox 380

Beretta Pico Inox 380

Beretta Pico Inox 380

Specifications and Features:

Beretta Pico JMP8D95
.380 ACP
Double action only semi-automatic
2.7″ barrel
6 rounds capacity
Fixed sights
Inox stainless steel slide
The gray polymer grip frame
Overall length 5.1″
Height 4″

Thickness 0.725″
Weight 11.5″


At only 18mm wide, the Pico is the thinnest .380 semi-auto handgun on the market, making it the best-in-class for concealed carry and home defense.

Besides being light, small, and concealable, it offers easy-to-use, adjustable sights, an ultra-reliable low-recoil mechanism, and a tough, durable finish that–with proper care–will give you a virtual lifetime of service.

Weighing only 11.5oz unloaded, this double-action-only (DAO) pistol is comfortable and unobtrusive to carry, no matter your preferred mode. The Pico’s flat profile and snag-free lines make it perfect in a pocket holster, while its smooth sides and controls also make it ideal for inside-the-waistband carry–coupled with its extra-durable stainless-steel/polymer construction that is highly sweat-resistant. It will literally disappear even in a small purse, while thanks to its flowing design it will always be easy to draw from concealment when every second counts.

The Pico is soft-recoiling and makes target recovery lightning-quick after every shot, thanks to its minimal barrel tilt. This feature also makes feeding utterly reliable, even with more open hollowpoint designs or the hotter .380 commercial loads. This means that when you need it for concealed carry or home protection, the Pico will always deliver the performance you expect of a Beretta.


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