Navy Blue Lifecard .22WMR


A folding, single-shot .22 caliber pistol that’s no bigger than a stack of credit cards. At .5 inches thin and weighing less than 7 ounces

ACTION: Single Action
WEIGHT: 5.5 oz.
MATERIALS: 4140 Pre-hardened Steel (barrel, bolt, trigger) / Polymer (handle).
FINISH: Corrosion Resistant Isonite® Steel / Hard Coat Anodized Aluminum / Polymer
SAFETY: Will not fire when closed


Title: Navy Blue Lifecard .22WMR: A Compact Defender with a Splash of Elegance

Development and practicality frequently go hand in hand on the planet of concealed carry weapons. The Navy Blue Lifeguard.22 WMR is an exceptional enhancement to this landscape, supplying both a concealed remedy and a touch of sophistication. This pocket-sized protector has been recording the focus of weapon lovers, enthusiasts, and any individual looking for a mix of design and functionality in a compact plan. In this post, we will certainly explore the attributes and allure of the Navy Blue Lifeguard.22 WMR.

A Work of Art of Design

The Navy Blue Lifeguard.22 WMR is a creation of Trendsetter Firearms, a business known for pressing the limits of firearm design. Its sleek and stylish appearance makes it appear like a fashion accessory, but it is, as a matter of fact, a completely practical.22 WMR single-shot pistol.

A Visual Marvel

The Navy Blue Lifeguard.22 WMR sticks out not just for its capability but also for its aesthetic charm. The navy blue surface offers a touch of elegance, making it a weapon you can happily show off. It exhibits quality workmanship and attention to detail that is sure to stand out for weapon fanatics and enthusiasts alike.

Concealability at Its Finest

One is one of the most striking functions of the Navy Blue Lifecard.22 WMR is its size. When folded up, it very closely looks like a slim charge card, gauging simply over half an inch in thickness. Considering a mere 7 ounces, it is incredibly easy to hide in a pocket, purse, or holster. This level of concealability sets it apart worldwide from hidden carry weapons, making it an ideal selection for those who value discernment.

A Defender in Your Pocket

The Navy Blue Lifeguard.22 WMR is not created to change bigger, extra-powerful pistols. Instead, it excels as a backup protector. Its portable element is ideal for situations where carrying a full-sized firearm is impractical or conspicuous. Whether you’re an experienced concealed lug permit owner or somebody searching for a sophisticated yet useful self-defense device, this gun provides a unique option.

Performance and Precision

Despite its small size, the Navy Blue Lifeguard.22 WMR supplies reputable performance. Furnished with a rifled barrel, it enhances precision, while the.22 WMR quality provides workable recoil and efficient quitting power for self-defense scenarios. As a single-shot gun, it may seem minimal, but its precision makes certain exact as well as controlled capturing.

User-Friendly Procedure

One may presume that a weapon of this dimension would certainly be intricate to operate, but Pioneer Firearms has actually made the Navy Blue Lifecard with simplicity in mind. It unfolds easily with a flick of the wrist, transforming from an innocuous card-like form into a fully practical handgun. In addition, it integrates a hand-operated security system, providing an added layer of safety and security against accidental discharges.


The Navy Blue Lifeguard.22 WMR is a testament to technology and elegance on the planet of hidden lug weapons. Its little dimension, combined with its remarkable capacities, sets it as a valuable device for personal defense. While it may not change larger pistols, it stands out as a discreet backup alternative or trusted way of self-protection. As innovation advances, we can prepare for many more groundbreaking advancements in weapon layout. The Navy Blue Lifeguard.22 WMR is proof that great power can, without a doubt, be located in the most stylish and portable bundles– a pocket-sized defender all set to stand guard for your security.

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