Aero Precision Click Adjustable AR-15 Gas Block



Aero Precision Adjustable Gas Block

Aero Precision’s new adjustable gas blocks come in all standard AR-15 gas block sizes and fit under free-float handguards. The gas block attaches to the barrel using the included set screws and works with regular AR-15 gas tubes. Once installed, you can easily adjust the rifle’s gas flow from the forward adjustment screw, with 15 settings of positive, audible clicks.

Will this fit under my free float handguard?

These gas blocks are specially designed to fit under slim, free-float handguards. The profile remains narrower than other gas blocks since the adjustment hardware is forward of the gas block. The AT3 SPEAR M-LOK Rail and Quad Rail, the Aero ATLAS S-One and R-One, and more will work great with these gas blocks. If you’re unsure of the fit, contact us to assist!

How To Install the Aero Adjustable Gas Block

First, you’ll need to remove your standard gas block and tube from your rifle. Slide the Aero Adjustable Gas Block onto your barrel and align it over with your barrel’s gas port. Then, secure the set screws at the bottom of the barrel, tightening to 30-inch pounds. For extra security, apply a small amount of high-temperature thread locker to the bottom set screws.

Note: Do not use a thread locker of any kind on the gas block adjustment screw. Only use a thread locker on the set screws that attach the gas block to the barrel.

After the thread locker cures, secure your gas tube to the gas block with a rolling pin. For more info on how to set up your gas block at the range, check out this guide to installing and tuning your gas block.


  • Standard low-profile design provides great fit under slim profile free float handguards, including the Aero Precision ATLAS series of handguards.
  • The adjustment screw is held in place by a spring and detent, providing repeatable audible “clicks” upon adjustment, removing the need for secondary set screws that can come loose under recoil.
  • Custom machined stainless-steel adjustment screw provides 15 gas adjustment settings.
  • Carbon fouling is channeled to a sacrificial chamber to help prevent carbon locking and provide an access point for solvent in the event carbon locking does occur.
  • The user-serviceable design allows for the service and cleaning of the gas system.


  • Assembled Adjustable Gas Block
  • One 6″ 3/32 adjustment wrench for easy gas block adjustment underneath the installed handguard
  • Replacement spring and detent included


  • Fit: AR-15 and AR-10 Platform
  • Material: 4140 Steel
  • Finish: Black Nitride
  • Weight: 1.4 oz

Additional information

Gas Block Size

.625" Adjustable Gas Block, .750" Adjustable Gas Block, .875" Adjustable Gas Block, .936" Adjustable Gas Block

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