How do I return an item?

Please contact customer service on wickr at deltafirearms or more information on returning an item.

Warranties/Returns :

New firearms – All sales are final :

Furthermore, If for some reason you need to cancel the sale, it can only be done prior to shipment. We try to ship our guns out within a day of receiving of confirming escrow on your account, so time is critical. Cancellations not based upon our error are subject to a restocking fee up to 15%. The restocking fee is necessary to cover fees accrued once the order is placed and then again once the order is canceled. These fees are imposed on us by blockchain company once you place an order and also when the order is canceled by you. The fees have nothing to do with the merchandise physically leaving our facility or being placed back on a shelf. The bitcoin fees are charged to us regardless of the disposition of the item purchased. Firearms for sale online

Used firearms – are sold As It Is :

If for some reason you believe the item you received is not as what we presented, please contact us and get a recharge. We want you to be happy with your purchase! Firearms for sale online.


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