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Ataman Ap16 Silencer | Ataman Ap16 Silencer for sale

Ataman Ap16 Silencer is well-known for its high quality, exceptional reliability, and cutting-edge technologies. A combination of state-of-the-art production, superior materials, and the legendary expertise of Russian gunsmiths stand behind every Ataman airgun, Ataman AP16 compact air pistol. Craftsmanship and excellence are evident in this pistol, from its shrouded Lothar Walther barrel and ergonomic stock to the adjustable trigger and versatility. The Ataman AP16BSM features a stunning 4,350 psi (300 BAR) fill pressure, delivering more shooting time between fills. This .22 caliber version offers up to 20 shots per fill. The two-way adjustable trigger allows the shooter complete freedom to set it up to their liking. The Ataman pistols also sport a pressure regulator for ultimate shot-to-shot consistency. The regulator ensures that your Ataman will best use the available air supply. Ataman Ap16 Silencer

Ataman AP16 Silencer Regulated Standard Air Pistol Features

Precharged pneumatic
4350 psi fill pressure (300 BAR)
Sidelever action
Lothar Walther’s free-floating barrel
Rifled, shrouded barrel
Manual safety
Integrated 11mm dovetail mounting rail
Two-way adjustable match-grade trigger
Self-indexing 7-shot magazine
Velocities up to 656 fps
Metal construction, walnut grip
Built-in air pressure gauge
Fully regulated
Adjustable trigger pull is 0.44 to 2.2 lbs
Power in FPE: .22 = 18.44 fpe
Length 14.37″
Ataman pistols
Includes: manual, one magazine, two probes (one with foster connection, one with 1/8BSPP thread), and 2 Allen wrenches. (Scope NOT included.)

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