Cobra Lifecard 22LR


Lifeguard is one of the most discreet, foldable firearms you will find in the industry. When folded, it is the size and thickness of several credit cards.



Title: Cobra LifeCard .22LR: A Pocket-Sized Defender

When it involves concealed bring firearms, innovation is the name of the game. In a world where size issues, the Cobra LifeCard.22 LR has emerged as a pocket-sized defender that loads a punch. This discreet as well as special gun has gathered focus from gun fanatics and protection supporters alike. In this short article, we’ll check out the features as well as benefits of the Cobra LifeCard.22 LR.

A Remarkable Design

The Cobra LifeCard.22 LR is made by Cobra Firearms, a company renowned for its commitment to generating portable and practical guns. Initially look, the LifeCard looks like a small, rectangle-shaped metal instance or an advanced gizmo from a spy movie. Nonetheless, it is, as a matter of fact, a totally useful.22 LR single-shot gun.

Concealability at Its Finest

Among one of the most exceptional features of the Cobra LifeCard.22 LR is its dimension. When folded up, it carefully appears like a credit card in terms of size and size, as well as it’s simply over half an inch thick. Considering a plain seven ounces, it is incredibly simple to bring quietly in a pocket, bag, or perhaps on a belt with the consisted of clip. This degree of concealability sets it apart on the planet of concealed lug guns.

The Perfect Backup

The Cobra LifeCard.22 LR is not planned to change larger, a lot more effective handguns. Rather, it succeeds as a back-up weapon. Its portable style makes it an excellent selection for scenarios where carrying a larger gun might be not practical or visible. Whether you’re a seasoned hidden lug license holder or somebody wanting to boost individual security, the LifeCard offers an one-of-a-kind service.

Efficiency and also Accuracy

Don’t be fooled by its dimension; the Cobra LifeCard.22 LR delivers dependable efficiency. It includes a rifled barrel, which enhances accuracy, and is chambered for.22 LR ammo– a functional caliber that provides workable recoil and reliable quiting power for self-defense circumstances. In spite of being a single-shot gun, the LifeCard enables exact shooting.

User-Friendly Procedure

One could assume that such a small weapon would certainly be challenging to run, however Cobra Firearms has made the LifeCard with ease of use in mind. It unravels easily with a fast flick of the wrist, transforming it from a discreet card into a completely functional handgun. It likewise includes a manual safety and security system, giving an included layer of safety and security against unintended discharges.

Aesthetic Charm

Beyond its capability, the Cobra LifeCard.22 LR flaunts a visual charm that sets it apart. Crafted from top quality materials, it showcases precision engineering and also interest to detail. Readily available in numerous coatings, including black, silver, as well as much more, the LifeCard allows proprietors to pick a design that suits their preferences.


The Cobra LifeCard.22 LR is a testament to technology and also practicality in the world of hidden carry firearms. Its small dimension, incorporated with its outstanding ability, makes it a beneficial device for personal protection. While it may not change bigger handguns, it shines as a discreet backup choice or a trusted ways of self-protection. As technology remains to advancement, we can look forward to more advancements in the realm of firearms. The Cobra LifeCard.22 LR demonstrates that even in the tiniest bundles, world power can be discovered– a pocket-sized defender all set to

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