Hk Mp5 .22 LR Rifle

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Hk Mp5 22 , Hk Mp5 .22 LR Rifle For Sale

The MP5 submachine gun is undoubtedly the most well-known HK gun model. In fact, independent of the manufacturer, the MP5’s slender lines could be the most iconic pistol silhouette of all.

You may now get a semi-automatic gun with the same features, feel, and appearance as the renowned HK MP5.

22-mm pistol: The only HK-approved rimfire versions of the iconic MP5 are now available thanks to a collaboration between HK and Umarex of Germany. So, whether you’re looking for a suppressor host, an affordable but effective sub-caliber trainer, or just the coolest, look no further than this 22 LR fun rifle on the range.

Hk Mp5 22 Dimensions

Caliber Length Width Height Barrel length
.22 LR 26.4-32.3 in 2.3 in 11 in 16.1 in

Hk Mp5 22 Weight

Caliber Weight (empty magazine)
.22 LR 7 pounds

Hk Mp5 .22 Lr Other Specifications

Caliber Action type Trigger Magazine capacity
.22 LR Blowback Single stage trigger 10 / 25 round

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