Hk Vp9l , Hk Vp9l OR For Sale

The new Hk Vp9l OR is a winner when competition-ready meets optics-ready.

The Vp9l  OR features some crucial enhancements for developing your range skills in addition to the ergonomics and trigger feel that set the VP9 apart from the competition and made it the best-selling HK pistol ever.

The 20-round extended magazines enable you to shoot more and reload less on lengthy stages, and the o-ring bushing on the longer 5-inch barrel tightens up the lockup and your groups. The most popular red-dot pistol sights can be mounted on one of five different mounting plates thanks to the machined optical cut (sold separately).

The VP9L OR could give you the advantage you’ve been looking for, whether competing in official competitions or just against yourself at the range.

Hk Vp9l Features:

  • Extended slide assembly with lightening cuts
  • Five-inch barrel with o-ring bushing for more consistent lockup and better accuracy
  • Interchangeable backstraps and side panels allow for 27 different custom grip configurations
  • Optics cut with cover plate – optics plates sold separately
  • Extended 20-round magazine

Hk Vp9l Specs


Caliber Length Height Barrel Length Sight Radius
9mm x 19 8.23 in. 5.41 in. 5 in. 7.20 in.

Vp9l  Weight

Caliber Weight (with empty magazine)
9mm x 19 27.16 oz.

Hk Vp9l  Other Specifications

Caliber Magazine Capacity Trigger Pull Return Travel Barrel Profile/Twist
9mm x 19 20 5.4 lbs. .12 in. Polygonal, 6 grooves, right-hand twist, 1 in 250 mm

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