VZ61 22LR Conversion Kit w/ 2 Magazines VZ 61 22 LR

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.22 LR  Conversion Kit with 1/2 x 28 Threaded Barrel

The .22 LR  Conversion Kit is manufactured by Czech Small Arms and will certainly fit and operate with all 3 caliber vz. 61 guns (.380 Vehicle, 9 mm Makarov, as well as 7.65 mm Browning). The package is new in factory packaging.

Materials of the conversion package

As received the image, the set consists of the top receiver complete and also 2 20 round magazines (publications fit as well as operate in all 3 caliber vz 61 handguns), and also string guard. The bolt catch is not a working function on the conversion set. A guideline as well as a summary sheet consists of each set.

This is a very high quality conversion kit that uses the same products as those on the other quality vz61 pistols. In other words, there is definitely no zinc alloy/pot steel found with the conversion set. Additionally, CSA has validated that making time is longer for the.22 LR package than it is for any other caliber top receiver. The .22 LR conversion upper is one of the most expensive total tops to manufacture. Yes, it is much more pricey to produce than 380, 9 mm Makarov, or 7.65 mm Browning.

Suggested ammo

Remove your existing upper receiver and also change with the.22 LR conversion package, as well as you are ready to shoot.22 LR. These conversion sets cycle well with round-nose ammo. We have actually had effective results with hollow factors during our screening, but we recommend round-nose bullets for the very best results. Our favored ammunition is the CCI brand, yet we have actually located Aguila, Federal, and Winchester to cycle well throughout our screening. We do not suggest the Remington Golden Bullet bulk pack. As with any kind of.22 LR conversion package and/or gun, explore ammunition, and pick the brand as well as the kind that carries out the finest for you.


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