Glock Factory 31 Rd Mags Made in Austria W/2 Rd Extensions



Glock Factory 31 Rd Mags Made in Austria W/2 Rd Extensions

Glock manufacturing facility magazines, usually referred to as “Glock OEM” or “Glock original devices maker” publications, are commonly considered to be of top quality and integrity. They are designed especially for Glock pistols and are made to fulfill Glock’s requirements for efficiency and resilience.

You stated that the Glock 31-round magazines with 2-round expansions are most likely expanded magazines for specific Glock handgun designs, such as the Glock 17 or Glock 19, which are 9mm handguns. These prolonged magazines supply added ability compared to conventional Glock publications.

If you are seeking to acquire these publications, you can contact accredited Glock dealerships, firearm device sellers, or online industries that focus on firearm-related items. Make sure to comply with all neighborhood, state, and federal legislation and laws pertaining to purchasing and using high-capacity magazines, as restrictions may differ depending on your place.

Always make sure that you use factory or trusted aftermarket magazines that are developed for your specific Glock design to maintain reputable and secure firearm procedures.


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