switch gun fpv


Switch-Gun .22 WMR Single Action Folding Revolver 5 Rounds

Caliber: .22 Magnum
Frame and Barrel:
 CNC-machined stainless steel
Action: Single-action folding revolver
Barrel Length: .88 inches
Grip: Polymer
Weight: 9 ounces, loaded
Dimensions: 2.125” x 3.75” x .75” folded


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Standard Manufacturing introduces a groundbreaking innovation in personal protection – the switch gun. This revolutionary folding firearm, designed to prioritize safety and convenience, seamlessly combines compactness and reliability for individuals seeking discreet yet powerful self-defense solutions.

The switch gun, fitting neatly into your pocket with a profile akin to a cell phone, boasts a distinctive feature: when folded, the grip completely encases the trigger, preventing accidental discharge. Activation is swift with the press of a button, causing the switch gun to spring open instantly, ready for the immediate and dependable discharge of five .22 Magnum cartridges. Its unique design includes a substantial handle, offering a grip comparable to a full-sized revolver, ensuring optimal control and accuracy – a feature setting it apart from competitors.

As the leading choice in high-quality folding guns, the switch gun represents the pinnacle of concealed firearms. Our range includes folding handguns and pistols, all conveniently accessible on our website. If you have any inquiries or require assistance finding the right fit for your needs, our dedicated team is ready to help.

Owning a switch gun empowers individuals to prioritize their safety at all times. Whether concealed in a pocket or discreetly stored in a drawer, this versatile firearm guarantees protection wherever you are. Meticulously designed with your safety and comfort in mind, our folding firearms prioritize compactness without compromising essential features. The foldable design ensures precise control and accuracy while benefiting from easy concealment, allowing you to store the switch gun in confined spaces without compromising security. Choose Standard Manufacturing for a blend of innovation, safety, and reliability in personal protection.


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