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The Hk P30SK (SubKompact) series, a subcompact version of the well-known P30 handgun, has all the desired features of the larger frame P30 and P30L handguns but in a more covert form.

The ultra-compact grip frame of the P30SK replicates the fully adjustable P30 grip feature, which consists of swappable backstraps and lateral grip panels. This makes it simple to adapt the handgun to the needs of each user.

The Hk P30SK is also available in various trigger firing modes, including HK’s upgraded double action only “Law Enforcement Modification (LEM),” like its larger frame cousins. The LEM trigger for the P30SK is set up as a “light strike V1” arrangement, needing roughly 5.4 pounds of force to pull the trigger.

There are also standard double action/single action (DA/SA) trigger settings with a serrated decocking button on the back of the frame. Dual ambidextrous manual safeties are situated on the left and right sides of the frame and can be used with or without the DA/SA mode. Levers for the dual slide and magazine release are additional ambidextrous controls. The P30SK has an automated hammer safety and a firing pin safety, much like other P30 pistols do.

The front of the frame has an abridged Picatinny rail that makes it simple to add weapon lights, lasers, or other accessories. Throughout a three-year development period, all P30SK variants underwent comprehensive testing.

Hk P30Sk Specs

Hk P30Sk Dimensions

Caliber Length Height Width Barrel Length
9 mm x 19 6.42 in. 4.57 in. 1.37 in. 3.27 in.

Hk P30Sk Weight

Caliber Weight (with empty magazine)
9 mm x 19 23.99 oz

Hk P30Sk Other Specifications

Caliber Magazine Capacity
9 mm x 19 10/13/15

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